• 127994, Москва, ул. Садовая-Самотечная, д. 10/23, стр. 1
  • Понедельник-Четверг: 9.00-18.00, Пятница: 9.00-16.45
  • (495) 532-13-80
  • (964) 758-14-03 (for press)

Carries out the functions of providing public services, managing state property in the field of construction, urban planning, the construction materials industry and housing and communal services, the functions of developing and (or) implementing state policy and legal regulation in the field of construction, architecture, urban planning and housing utilities, in the field of heat supply, in the field of ensuring energy efficiency of buildings, structures, structures, including in the housing stock, in horticultural, vegetable garden and country non-profit associations of citizens, in the field of improving the energy efficiency of the economy of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and municipalities.