Government Services
Government Services Portals
Health, sport, tourism
Health care, active and healthy lifestyle
Justice, law and order
Ensuring the rule of law and protection of the Russian Federation, regulatory and legal regulation
The country's security, emergency situations
Protection against external threats and emergencies
Education, Science, Culture
Education and training, research institutions, arts, cultural heritage
Labour, Social Protection
Protection of human rights in matters of regulation and remuneration, pensions and social security
IT, communications, media
Public services, information technology, post, access to communications and media environment
Economy, Finances
Macroeconomics, financial markets, investment policy
Industry, construction
Industrial and military-industrial complex, technical regulation
Nature and ecology
The use, reproduction and protection of natural resources
Transportation of passengers and cargo
Regional development
Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Standarts, registries, statistics
Service for State Registration
International activity
International Relations of the Russian Federation
President, Government, Federal Assembly